Access to real-time data (Data Streaming) enriches customer profiles and creates an open insights ecosystem

“Data Streaming gives you the freedom to stitch and enrich your customer profiles in real-time.”

Aligning Data with Decisions

So, how does Data Streaming work on the Server-side

[Use cases] How to use real-time data for your business?

Which channel or campaign is best for you?

Who is visiting and what should you show?

What do they feel about your brand?

How to build fair and thriving affiliate partnerships?

Data Streaming with Magic Pixel, a server-side tag manager

Data security with data streaming

So, what does real-time data contain?

Profile enrichment with media Data

Data-friendly culture

Launch analytics programs quickly

Persistent IDs remain active

Data streaming as a part of your tag management infrastructure



Next Generation Server-Side Tagging platform for web and mobile apps. Improve site performance, tag monitoring, CCPA/GDPR compliance & ROI!

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