Access to real-time data (Data Streaming) enriches customer profiles and creates an open insights ecosystem

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Data leads to decisions, But having accurate data leads to data-driven decisions. And, that is why marketers are obsessed and struggle to access data. But, data coming from media and ads are time-bound. Well, thinking aloud, there are instances when that duration to store campaign data could be long enough to validate your ROI and be friends with the finance team.

“Data Streaming gives you the freedom to stitch and enrich your customer profiles in real-time.”

Aligning Data with Decisions

Data streaming is one such well-engineered mechanism to work with only such data that matters the most to you. If such ‘data’ is pretty much everything, then you can make it happen with Magic Pixel.

You get the most accurate information to make the most data-driven decisions in real-time. Align with the specific data points that cater to your needs.

So, how does Data Streaming work on the Server-side

As Magic Pixel’s server-side tag manager gathers and transforms the data for your media providers, Our edge nodes make this raw data available in real-time. It could be like sending 150 different data elements about your customers. Magic Pixel does not store data So, your data privacy and security concerns are taken care of. If you cannot ingest real-time streaming data, we offer data in batch feeds.

The data you receive from your tags will remain relevant and usable. In addition, you now have additional data points to enrich your customer profile.

Magic Pixel’s ID Link service enables you to generate and assign a unique ID for the visitor in a first-party context while attaching it to every tag fire. Unique ID generated with industry compliance guidelines. In addition, the IDLink service helps you build and maintain your ID graph, which will be crucial for building and maintaining your marketing operations in this post-third-party cookie world.

[Use cases] How to use real-time data for your business?

There are walls everywhere. Data is behind them. What if you got the permission to use just the right data to develop insights and make those mission-critical decisions?

Data Streaming is a capability that we created for media marketers and ad publishers to strengthen analytics. You can put this to good use to gain a better understanding of your customers & start making some critical marketing decisions:

Which channel or campaign is best for you?

Multi-touch attribution

Data streaming provides data from multiple touchpoints. When browsers shut data sharing in the third-party context, we provide data in the first-party context. You can stitch data from different channels and campaigns. You will determine how many channels are used by your prospects to discover and convert on your website.

Who is visiting and what should you show?

Personalization & Retargeting

Having additional data points about your site visitors helps you build personalized content in your marketing/landing pages for a given audience, When you create a retargeting campaign for the same audience. These additional consent driven data points give you the ability to create suppression and look-alike models for your ads.

What do they feel about your brand?

Intent analysis

It’s not just about optimizing your existing campaigns, but also about creating new campaigns. Data streaming can track data around different sentiment data points that can be used to create efficient campaigns. You can create ads and landing pages that resonate well with your specific target audience.

How to build fair and thriving affiliate partnerships?

Affiliate marketing

There are two aspects about using Data streaming for Affiliate marketing. The first one is about building your own reporting system to disburse commissions based on transparent data that comes from your own website and third-party websites.

When you have a 360 view of visitor behavior in your site and access to the exact same data that your affiliate obtained from your site, you now have independent auditing capability before you pay out commissions and avoid leakage in ad spend. .

Data Streaming with Magic Pixel, a server-side tag manager

Our philosophy is “Your data is your business”, we do not store the entire payload of any media tag. We do however provide options or build custom solutions to fit your needs

You have a specific need for us to retain certain conversion metrics and data points to build your custom dashboards and reports. We can make it happen for you.

Magic Pixel has an out-of-the-box feature to capture and retain all the tag meta data in order to provide customizable dashboards and reports regarding tag performance.

Data streaming answers your questions for statistical and retrospective analysis. You get to find answers to:

  • What tags are fired?
  • Which of the tags did not work with certain operating systems?
  • Are there any tags that do not perform with certain device and browser combinations?
  • If tags for a certain provider have deviated its path and more?

Data security with data streaming

The data in transit remains secure and encrypted. The data at rest is secure which is useful for tag insights. At no point do we want to capture any PII information for tag analytics.

So, what does real-time data contain?

Every media pixel that is configured on a page will emit certain data elements required by the media provider, Magic pixel makes this same payload available through its edge nodes in real-time for its clients to consume to their likings. So every data element that ever leaves the browser/app will be made available to our clients.

This unique data set that is not available in conventional TMS is very useful for data scientists & Data Analysts. They use tag data for training data models, Marketing data analysis, attributions and AI algorithm enrichment.

Profile enrichment with media Data

Data-friendly culture

Media tag data elements provide you additional data points to enrich your customer profiles . It gives you insights into what ads or campaigns are your visitors engaging the most and which marketing channels are converting most. This data also helps in training data models to ppredict which campaigns perform well for what segments. These insights are critical to maximizing your Ad spend and make decisions based on first party data collection.

Launch analytics programs quickly

Real-time data makes all the magic happen. Your analytics has to wait for data to be found and then aligned with your reports. That long cycle is gone with data streaming. Launch analytics with live tag firing. Don’t wait for Data curation & crunching. Your reports on Magic Pixel will reflect the results in real-time.

Persistent IDs remain active

Industry is moving beyond third-party cookies and focusing on Persistent ID/Universal ID/Unique Customer ID based tracking. While some providers such as Adobe call out Bring Your Own ID, Google prescribes FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), Magic Pixel’s ID Link service provides you an ability to generate or assign Unique ID for every visitor in first party context, that is active for the entire visit and can span across visits for all your analytics and Media needs. This unique ID is part of the data set that comes along in your streaming data for your advanced Analytics. You can now add your FP ID which could be an anonymized consent driven PII that is required for Data onboarding and stitching. Our ID graph can stitch all these IDs to one FP ID.

Data streaming as a part of your tag management infrastructure

Why does this matter to marketers?

Tags start accessing data from external platforms. Not all platforms are obliged to patronize the data formats that work for your internal organization. But, we deploy tags that access data without disturbing its authenticity as well as the consumed format. Also, once your central data system receives data, different teams organize and consume the data in a different format. Your central system should also be able to support internal data diversity.

We work with data models to build formatted and consumable clean data. They use your data sets to enrich existing data. This is further used for other information systems. This ensures you receive real-time data and such data is streamed to your systems for processing.

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