Achieve Marketing Attribution with Server-side tag manager

What is marketing attribution?

Then, what’s Multi-touch Attribution?

No insights about marketing attribution

  • You seem to be getting enough conversions, but you have no further visibility into what is contributing to your success.
  • You cannot attribute measures and KPIs to those sources that are doing well for you.
  • You no longer know where to invest your available marketing dollars. This gets even worse when you have direct media and ad spend involved.
  • Users are removed from remarketing audiences faster than before. So you will treat returning users as new users and end up adding more ad spend on those customer IDs. This also leads to a skewed increase in the number of visitors.
  • Paid media with a lack of attribution would appear less effective in reports.
  • A/B tests would provide misleading results.
  • Even worse, you could end up crediting the wrong campaign and lose significant spending on commissions if its affiliate claims all the credit.

Why do you need server-side tagging for marketing attribution?

Browser restrictions

Data sharing with User Consent

ID resolution and morphed data

Better attribution-driven marketing mix with Server-side tagging

Remarketing or retargeting

A/B testing


Affiliate or influencer marketing

  1. Treating user behavior, events, and collected data as third-party data. And,
  2. Lack of attribution possibilities beyond a certain time of who is initiating the conversion or how much influence your affiliate has over a conversion during a campaign. It circles back to the lack of insights with the implementation of any type of multi-touch attribution.

What do marketers get with marketing attribution supported by server-side tagging?

Deep insight with multi-touch attribution

  • Evaluate other channels that have supported the sale
  • Allows your brand to ascribe value to the other phases of the sales funnel
  • Adds clarity about partners who provide value at the top of the funnel is not rewarded as much as those at the bottom of the funnel. The latter end up getting credit for a sale that they may not have added much value to.
  • Minimizes dependency on last-touch attribution which can often encourage dishonest behavior and disincentivize true value creation.

Purchasing and Negotiation power





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