Gain the first-party context with Facebook Conversion API

Facebook Pixels not like before.

Configuring Facebook Conversion API with your server-side tag manager

  • A full-funnel attribution that lets you create a relevant and updated digital omnichannel experience, matching campaigns to conversions to validate your marketing efforts.
  • Still remain to know your customer while keeping the customer data intact. You don’t have to lose important customer consent & event data to Facebook ads.
  • Optimize and improve website performance as well as audience monetization with real-time data streaming and analytics.

Leverage high quality data

Get 360-degree profile of your customer

Treat third-party data as first-party with Magic Pixel’s Facebook conversion API plugin

  • A simple “add” button will have it included into the tag universe and behave just like a server-side tag.
  • If Facebook makes any further updates to the API, all you need is a connector from us. Your dependency on IT team is reduced significantly
  • Just like the client-side tag, you will get a similar kind of output when you use the API.
  • The datasets and ID fields that need to be captured will be kept intact.

Automate and scale third-party updates

  • Minimize the tag management and data collection process.
  • Reduce IT efforts involved in tweaking every single tag.
  • Reduce the IT dollars spent to set up the infrastructure to manage third-party tags.

See it for yourself, right here.



Next Generation Server-Side Tagging platform for web and mobile apps. Improve site performance, tag monitoring, CCPA/GDPR compliance & ROI!

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