Securing Customer Data with server-side tag management

Data Privacy with Server-side tagging

Eliminates non-compliant practices for better security

  1. One is by figuring out how data collected is stored as first-party data.
  2. And, how third-party vendors behave on your website and how you manage consent seeking.

ePrivacy or consent management

Browser tracking protection

Privacy laws

Data Privacy and Security with server-side tag manager

Summarizing Data Security with server-side tag manager

  • Data security and prevention by sending a customer to third-party vendors
  • Full control on the behavior of third-party tags
  • Reduce client-side traffic.
  • Develop strong relationships with customers with first-party data
  • Advances in aggregation, anonymization, on-device processing, and other privacy-preserving technologies
  • Enrich data in your ecosystem with the ability to stitch marketing data with CRM data.



Next Generation Server-Side Tagging platform for web and mobile apps. Improve site performance, tag monitoring, CCPA/GDPR compliance & ROI!

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